We at GLS Institute of Design envisioned the day our students would become our brand ambassadors to the world of Design. So honest has been the belief that we proudly witness our students today as they join the workforce in the Design Industry world and prove their mettle as Designers.

It gives us immense pleasure when we hear them speaking about their Institute's role in shaping their successful career in Design. However, words fall short when they express their positive views about selecting GLS Institute of Design as their alma mater. The words of acknowledgement from them are what we treasure the most. And what makes us proud is that the professional world views GLS Institute of Design as the gatekeeper of Design talent, motivating us to ensure consistency in producing quality Design students.


Abhishek Kumar Foundation

GLSId is a design environment where faculties are very supportive. Because of this, I didn't feel helpless and clueless and they always guide us to the creative path. The thing is I experienced both online and offline mediums and don't have any complaints. I got the knowledge and the creative advice in every step or when I needed it. I also visit and get reviews for my everyday works ( academic and as well as personal work ). And I spent only 4 months in offline medium and along with my faculties, and got friendly with almost every faculties members and believe me getting advice, working with them, and exploring different kinds of stuff is awesome, I love this part of the interaction. And hoping for more experience like this in the future and build me as the best of the best.

Anjali Sharma

Anjali Sharma 2ndSemester/Graphics

GLS Institute of Design is the best institute to build your skills in the creative fields. Friendly staff members and practice-oriented teaching methodology helped me learn a lot. I thank all the staff members for their guidance in seeking a good career. "Before joining GLS Institute of Design, I did not have an idea about designing. Only here, I learned everything right from the basics. The faculties here gave very good technical training. I am so happy and proud to say that I am part of GLS Institute of Design. Thankyou GLS Institute of Design"


Anushka Tare Sem I, Foundation year Batch 2021-2025

Six months ago I started my journey with GLSID, for me it’s was a dream to learn designing from such an esteemed institution, having such experienced and qualified faculty, they have been mentors and helped me enhance not just my designing skills but also interpersonal skills. I'm looking forward to learn and grow as creator and designer in GLSID,

Aryamik Shukla

Aryamik Shukla 2nd sem / Product

It gives me great pleasure to ray with pride that I have been admitted at GLSID. I am thankful to all the teachers who supported me and corrected me. I loved the infrastructure of GLSID and its life. There is constant support of faculty, they have helped us to explore the new us, by always encouraging us to move out of the classroom environment. The relationship between student and faculty is very cordial, which made me analyse my area of interest. The guidance that was given to me while choosing my field was the best which I think I can't get anywhere else. It is always GLSID which is a grate place for students who think to pursue their degree.

Ayushi Savaliya

Ayushi Savaliya

Please accept my Gratitude for making the leaning enjoyable and educational. I would like to say that Udgam School for Children has taught me how to achieve my dreams. The Teaches their bring out the best in students.

GLS Institute of Design is an amazing platform if any student wants to go ahead in Design field . Apart from Studies here, there are many extra co-curricular activities in which you can have fun and develop your skill. I have learned so many things here which will really help me in my future if I want to do anything on my own . Also , the Faculties and Staff here were very Supportive.


Chirag Bhalerao

I am grateful to GLS ID for the confidence it has given me in all terms, as well as the memories I have made here with friends and faculty over the last four years. I appreciate how students and faculty have come together to form a family. Thank you, GLS ID, for providing me with lifelong friendships with everyone I've met here along the way.


Dhanini Khar

Everybody said even in movies that things change when you take one step forward from graduating from school to college. Every part of you, what you thought you were, completely changed how you start your college life till the end, and so did mine. GLSID has given a new name and identity to my creative self, a great depth and understanding of the world of design with the amalgamation of art.This college helped me to understand the core value of design that is empathy, which has helped me to build my projects strongly.To understand something, there should always be the question why to it, to understand the backstory of thing which help me giving a way of inspiration to work upon and get aware of.In the design field of competition GLSID guided me to identify and give different approach to things.I feel overwhelmed to be a part of this community and learn not only the design approach but how to really live a life and understand it deeply.


Disha Shah

I am disha shah, I did my schooling from Amrit Jyoti High school based out of Ahmedabad. The culture and upbringing of Amrit Jyoti have led me toward the various life-changing decisions of my life.

Today I am a student at GLS Institution of design working towards my dream . Being the part of GLS Institution of design i am able to witness that there are endless opportunities for students. I am adequately lucky to get helped by cultivated as well as well experienced teachers of GLS Institution of design. I partook in the instructive excursion of learning fundamentals to advance degrees of style planning and got viable just as hypothetical information through my journey with amazing experience.


Siddhi Dave

I am Siddhi Dave, I did my schooling from "Sheth chimanlal Nagindas Vidyavihar"(C.N. Vidyalaya) based out of Ahmedabad. The culture and upbringing of C.N. Vidyalaya have led me towards the creative decisions and the unexplored creative path of my life.

Today, I am a student at the GLS Institution of Design, achieving my career. As both a student of the GLS Institution of Design, I am able to be seeing my creative thinking and vision for the future, and I can see there is a long way to go till I reach great opportunities. I am extremely fortunate to have excellent professors who really help me achieve my objective by guiding and encouraging me..


Aditi Shaherawala

I am Aditi Shaherawala I did my schooling at V.R Shah School based in Ahmedabad. V.R. Shah's culture and upbringing influenced my creative decisions.

Today, I am a student at the GLS Institution of Design, pursuing my dream. As a member of the GLS Institution of Design, I can attest to the fact that there are numerous opportunities available to students. I consider myself fortunate to have received assistance from well-experienced professors at GLS Institution of Design.

Dishita Patel

Dishita Patel Foundation

From my experience, GLSID is so much more than just an institute for learning. It's a platform to develop skills, gain knowledge through new experiences and explore creativity within oneself beyond the walls of classroom. It has helped me develop my confidence and communication skills. It provides us with various new opportunities to show our talent and build our network. It has experienced faculty which supports and helps us expand our potential. I really look forward to the years ahead in GLSID.

Naimish Ambasana

Naimish Ambasana

I am Naimish Ambasana I did my schooling at TGES School based in Rajkot. TGES's culture and upbringing influenced my creative decisions.

Today, I am a student at the GLS Institution of Design, pursuing my dream. As a member of the GLS Institution of Design, I can attest to the fact that there are numerous opportunities available to students. GLSID gave me an platform to achieve my dreams and develop a designers mindset. I consider myself fortunate to have received assistance from well-experienced professors at GLS Institution of Design.

Hardi Desai

Hardi Desai

I am Hardi Desai. I did my schooling at The H.B.Kapadia New High School. The culture at the school always inspired me to be ambitious and determined towards my career.

Further, studying at the GLS Institute of Design aspired me towards my future goals. Studying here gave me the confidence to achieve what I always dreamt of. Pursuing designing from GLSID helped me in gaining a different and lot more positive and determined perspective on life. Through GLSID I always find myself open and positive about challenges and opportunities. I'll be forever thankful to GLSID for guiding me through one of the most crucial phases of my life.

Harsh Chavda

Harsh Chavda

I am Harsh Chavda. I did my schooling from Zydus School for Excellence, Vejalpur, which is based in Ahmedabad. Being a citizen of the city since birth, this city has made me feel really connected to the people and culture, especially the food culture ;)

My educational journey in design led me to GLS Institute of design, where i started my design education in the year 2018. Being a part of this institution, i experienced utmost educational freedom. The options and opportunities provided by the institute in the feild of design enabled me to choose exactly what i wanted to be. Furthermore, being an Integrated Masters student at the institude enabled me to dive deep into design research and psychology, a subject which i am highly passionate about. Having my college experience at the institute has genuinely given me clarity about my life and my career, which always keeps me on my toes, learning new opportunities and discovering new avenues.

Himani Patel

Himani Patel Foundation

My experience at GLS University has been Great , a memory to cherish for . GLSID feels not just an institution for learning , but it also holds regular classes which helps with aptitude and technical skills .

It's a platform where I'm gaining new knowledge and new experiences everyday. I would like to express my gratitude to our highly experienced faculty for always supporting us and giving opportunities to excel. My overall experience has been amazing ,and the college has good infrastructure. It has been enriching journey so far ,can't wait to hop on next wisdom state.

Ishika Bhalodia

Ishika Bhalodia Apparel design

I would like to express my gratitude to all my mentors and guide of The Rajkumar College, Rajkot for supporting and showing me the right path throughout & after schooling. I was thankful for getting accepted into the GLS institute of design( GLSID) for shaping my future in the course of design which also gave me the real experience for the field I desired to get into. Our college takes the educational profession to heart and guides on the path to the degree. GlSID has put in all the efforts to groom us and supported us to achieve our career goals. It was a wonderful experience to spend four years of life at GLS institute of design.


Kashish Vyas Batch 2018-2021, Apparel Design

I owe a large part of whatever I achieved to GLSID and the team of faculty members which the institute has.

I wouldn’t say studying four years here rather I’d like to put it as living my four years here. The one thing I’ve come to know is that GLSID not only gives it students an armoury of skills, but also develops in them the assurance of being as good as the best anywhere.

My overall learning, experience here has been fulfilling to me. The aura which the campus itself throws out brings the creative self in you.

I am fortunate to get the finest of resources and the teaching to groom me as a design professional.

So, when you come in here you’re not walking into an institute. Its a home!

Mansi Mistry

Mansi Mistry II Sem

GLSID where I have been learning every day and have met wonderful people. Though I have been attending the college online, the facilities have always been there, connecting , guiding and boosting our moral. They have always taught us to view the world with a designer's eye.

Om Nikte

Om Nikte II sem / Foundation

GLSID has been one of the few enlightening experiences of my life. It has enhanced my practical knowledge about various aspects of life, including design. It not only inculcates theoretical aspects of design but also hands-on working experiences and practical approaches. It perfectly incorporates academics as well as co-curricular activities, developing us as an individual. It has motivated me to improve myself with each passing day.

Purva Bhatt

Purva Bhatt

I am Purva Bhatt student of GLS Institute of Design student pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Fashion Design. Please accept my thanks and admiration for assisting me during my studies at the GLS Institute of Design. This institute has given us a solid foundation by grooming us with the best faculties. I am really grateful to the GLS Institute of Design for providing me with the opportunity to pursue my interests specialty and instilling my design abilities in me GLS Institute of Design is an excellent platform for people interested in pursuing a career in design industries since they offer a variety of degrees. At the institute, I'm learning a lot of new things that will assist me in the future.

Thank You GLS Institute of Design I will continue to sing your praises.

Richa Shah

Richa Shah Environment And Space Planning Sem-8

I have been a student at the GLS Institute of Design for four years and from my experience, I can tell you it is a good college. Skills are very sensible and fair. There is an equal balance of reading and reviewing information so that everyone gets what needs to be done and there is instruction when we need it. They pushed me to achieve whatever I wanted to achieve. Without people like that, my dreams would always be dreams. Thank you for their love and support.

Riya Patil

Riya Patil II semester, B.Des

College life experience is truly one of a kind .For me GLSID is like my Home . Even in this pandemic the college has tried its best to make all the students understand the concepts through online lectures . The faculties are highly experienced , they are constantly there to support and guide the students . There a number of clubs which helps us to follow our hobbies and explore new things . Also different activities and workshops are been carried throughout the year . GLSID mainly focuses on practical knowledge which I think is a great initiative, as practical work makes students understand more than the textual one. Eagerly waiting to explore new things further. Delighted to be a part of GLSID.

Sayli Mullassery

Sayli Mullassery II sem, B.Des.

For me GLSID is like my home, GLSID mainly focuses on practical knowledge which I think is a great initiative, as practical work makes students understand more than the textual one. Eagerly waiting to explore new things further. The faculty are highly experienced, they have helped us to explore the new things, always encouraged us to move out of the classroom environment and explore the outside world. The infrastructure and the environment of the college is beautiful . Online lectures were conducted successfully in this pandemic . Delighted to be a part of GLSID