Our four core disciplines are industry attested, well designed courses:

Environment Design—Fashion Design—Industrial Design—Communication Design

Design track

  • Foundation Courses
  • Electives
  • Academic Electives
  • Core Courses

Classification of courses

  • Studio Based Courses
  • Field Visit and Research
  • Skill Based Courses
  • Elective Courses
  • Technical Courses
  • Design Projects

Confirmation of learning outcome

  • Seminars
  • Workshops and Prototyping
  • Design Labs & Studio Visits

Peer Learning and Campus Grooming

  • Co-curriculum activities, Event Participation and Immersion

Final Affirmation

  • Final Display/ Dissertation/Jury

Virtual Expert Lecture Series

We are hearing you—closely, remotely. Completing your online teaching, examination and all other co- curricular & development activities on time with the passive support of staff & students.

‘Connect with Us’, ‘How To’ and ‘JOT Talk’ splendidly expresses our virtual presence during the pandemic. Our connection with students, experts and industry have contributed to the image of GLS Institute of Design on a positive note. All our efforts ensured that the learning is thoroughly insightful, holistic, and the employability of the student’s perspective remains at top priority.

Students, faculty and other invitees enjoyed the opportunity to learn about an umbrella of topics such as Sustainability and Crafts, Packaging, UI/UX and Lighting Design. The Future of industry linkages and its nodes closely knitted with the perspective of design ensembled learning curve of all attendees in all our virtual sessions. We ensured that the learning of the students remained contemporary and relevant to the field of the study and future work opportunities.

Online Students Activities

All our courses were conducted online, even the Graduation Project Jury was conducted online. Students always had their hands full with extra-curricular, co-curricular and student-development activities. This ensured that students have their share of fun. Mingling with friends virtually and winning prizes & laurels kept their morale high and ensured that they do not miss their campus life much.