GLS University is proud to announce another benchmark institute for design education; we set to raise the bar of creative teaching in Gujarat. GLS Institute of Design is a prominent institute under GLS University, Ahmedabad offering design courses related to various creative fields. The Institute of Design provides four years Bachelors of Design Programme and five years Integrated Masters of Design Programme with specialisation in product, environment, communication & fashion design. The prime philosophy of GLS University is to provide an ideal and creative learning environment and to continue the tradition of excellence in the education of the sponsoring body of the University, viz., Gujarat Law Society (GLS).

Globalization, technological advancements, educational exchanges, and growth of communication mediums have played vital role in expanding accepted boundaries of culture. An innovative design introduced in any part of globe reaches across the world without any kind of boundaries. This liberalization has widened the opportunities for designers to create design/art which describes the personality of an individual and environment. With the aim of providing a creative platform to individuals having great imagination skills & innovative concepts for designing innovations, GLS University launched GLS Institute of Design. The institute offers four years Bachelors Programme and five years Integrated Masters Programme with various tracks of design education. Gujarat Law Society (GLS), established in the year 1927, is one of the largest and oldest educational institutions in the State of Gujarat. GLS was promoted by luminaries Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Shri Ganesh Mavlankar, the first Speaker of the country and Shri I.M. Nanavati with the vision of Excellence in Education.

Bachelor’s Programme



Bachelors Design Programme, offering all the subjects of design, emphasis on thinking and vocational nature of learning and ample industry exposure to become independent professional. All our students are instructed to real time scenarios, facing challenges, learning leadership and at the same time valuing teamwork.

The four years of the GLSID Programme will be divided into ‘I’, ‘YOU’, ‘THEY’ and ‘US’ years. ‘I- Year’ will focus on the skill sets of the students, to empower them to make their claims about sensitivity, perceptibility, connection and skillful execution. This can further enhance their chances of taking forward their disciplines, related to their area of specializations. The ‘YOU- Year’ will focus on students taking help from others to work out their projects. They will work in collaboration with other professionals like pattern makers, binders, printers, tailors to get specific design inputs etc.

They will collaborate and thus get to understand the design process and through it also connect to the larger local and global context. ‘THEY Year’ will focus on encouraging the students to work closely with diverse groups like, the market, the users, the artisans and other marginalized groups in the developmental sector and understand their design need, their level of acceptance, their literacy level, their socio-economic condition, their environment and the kind of design solution that suits them. ‘US-Year’ will be the final year when the students will execute their own specialized project and work very closely with the user incorporating their feedback in the design solutions to make it more acceptable.

Master’s Programme



GLS Institute of Design also offers a 5 years Integrated programme where students are awarded Masters Degree on successful completion of the programme. This is an ideal programme for the students having keen interest in design education and wanting to get a masters qualification with a clearly outlined specialization. The Programme completes in 5 years instead of 6 years in conventional mode, effectively saving 1 productive year for each participant. Integrated Masters Programme sets an accent for campus life, accentuates peer learning and elongates significant cultural dialogue.

Integrated Masters will have core components from the B Design course followed by the specialization in any particular design track. To keep the students’ involved and to extend the teaching and learning beyond the four walls of the classroom various clubs have been formed with the students as its core members under the guidance of the faculty team. Through these groups we seek to work towards the holistic growth of the student fraternity of GLSID and make them responsible stakeholders in the glory of the institute.