Mehfil-e-mukhtasar found its roots in 2017, with ideas and thoughts forming a cohesive bond between students and faculties. A wave of creative expressionism, by sheer original performances and developed arts. MEM happens in two sessions; a summer session marked on the Foundation day of the Institute and a winter session marked in the month of Oct-Nov. Students from multiple disciplines and batches come together to form a team-spirited event. With a houseful audience each year, Mehfil-e-mukhtasar is taking a step forward by carrying the tradition propelled by new batches and faces. The essence of Mehfil-e-mukhtasar draws its origins from the cultural and artistic practices of Mughal India, where each performing art had a place in the court. Retaining the same notions, Mehfil-e-mukhtasar aims to provide students with a platform to exhibit their talents and appreciation for each other. It is one of the threads that help to bring the GLS Institute Of Design closer.