Life at GLSID

Brilliantly alive campus, learning creativity are integral parts of life at GLS Institute of Design. The lush green campus with huge open space motivates minds to be creative and bring design innovations. The energy that flows in the air of GLS inspires imagination which is essential for designers. The highly motivated and lively environment gives a new learning experience of lifetime and unforgettable stay for the students. Originality, intellectual learning, sharing and team building are some of the attributes which are inbuilt into the campus. The diversified and cross-cultural environment inspires healthy competition with rich values.

In addition to the design study, the students also get ample opportunities to participate in various cultural and sports events organized on regular basis. The multi-dimensional nurturing approach of GLS creates not only great designers but good human beings as well! The memorable experience at GLS helps the students to deliver pragmatic and exceptional outcomes in the form of outstanding design and art.