Four Years Bachelor's Programme

Students can opt for four years of the Bachelor's Design Programme, offering world-class design education and ample industry exposure to become independent professionals The 4 years of the GLSID Programme will be divided into ‘I’, ‘YOU’, ‘THEY’ and ‘US’ year.

I- Year’ will focus on the skill sets of the students, to empower them to make their claims specialization. perceptibility, connection, and skilful execution. This can further enhance their chances of taking forward their disciplines, related to their area of sensitivity, perceptibility, connection, and skilful execution. This can further.

The ‘YOU- Year’ will focus on students taking help from others to work out their projects. They will collaborate with other professionals like pattern makers, binders, printers, tailors to get specific design inputs, etc. They will collaborate and thus get to understand the design process and through it also connect to the larger local and global context.

THEY Year’ will focus on encouraging the students to work closely with diverse groups like, the market, the users, the artisans and other marginalized groups in the developmental sector understand their design needs, their level of acceptance, their literacy level, their socio-economic condition, their environment and the kind of design solution that suits them.

US -Year’ will be the final year when the students will execute their own specialized project and work very closely with the user incorporating their feedback in the design solutions to make them more acceptable. One project will be in the seventh semester and the Graduation project in the eighth semester. They will map design opportunities, understand design needs and find design solutions. In the end, the students will work for and with the people to become accurate and complete design professionals. Close ties with society and culture will bind all the courses across the years.

Career Outcomes & Opportunities – Foundation Year

The Foundation Programme at GLSID orients and aligns the students with the necessary skills enabling them to the acceptability of varied experiences, expressions, and sensibilities of design. The one-year programme exposes them to hands-on skills with theoretical inputs of concepts and principles in Basic Design. It further helps nurture them in their following four years at the institute in fundamental development and its implementation with greater precision.

The Foundation programme begins with a six day orientation - induction programme followed by a community presentation on the sixth day. This exercise helps in building group dynamics and enabling students to interact and acquaint with each other

Semester I

  • Design Drawing
  • Fundamentals of Design I (Colour)
  • Geometric Construction I
  • Analytical Drawing
  • History of Arts
  • Fundamentals of Design II (Composition)
  • SLA - 1 Introduction to Indian Culture

Semester II

  • Design Drawing II
  • Photography Workshop
  • Science and Liberal Arts
  • Geometric Construction
  • Design Lab (Material Exploration)
  • Learning from Environment
  • Space, Form and Structure
  • History of Design
  • Design Thinking and Design Process
  • Exploring and Understanding Media

After completing Foundation year course, Students have understanding of all fundamentals of design and its application so that they can choose the discipline according to their interest.