"Design is not just appearance, design is how it works." - Steve Jobs


Globalization, technological advancements, educational exchanges, and growth of communication mediums have played vital role in expanding accepted boundaries of culture. An innovative design introduced in any part of globe reaches across the world without any kind of boundaries. This liberalization has widened the opportunities for designers to create design/art which describes the personality of an individual and environment.

With the aim of providing a creative platform to individuals having great imagination skills & innovative concepts for designinginnovations, GLS University launched GLS Institute of Design. The institute offers 4 years Bachelors Programme and 5 years Integrated Masters Programme with various tracks of design education.

4 Years Bachelors Programme

Students can opt for 4 years Bachelors Design Programme,offering world class design education and ample industry exposure to become independent professional.

5 Years Integrated Masters Programme

GLS Institute of Design also offers 5 years Integrated programme where students are awarded Masters Degree on successful completion of the programme. This is an ideal programme for the students having keen interest in design education and wanting to get a masters qualification with a clearly outlined specialization. The Programme completes in 5 years instead of 6 years in conventional mode, effectively saving 1 productive year for each participant.

These highly coveted and globally recognised programmes are structured thoughtfully to motivate the design students to create original ideas and innovative concepts.

In these programmes you will focus on:

  • Innovative Design Techniques.
  • Creative Skills.
  • Conceptual Thinking
  • Critical Analysis and Practical exposure to support original Design ideas.
  • In- depth Research for Design Opportunity Mapping.
  • Exploration and Experimentation as key to Innovation
  • Connecting and relating for contextual understanding
  • Interaction and Group Dynamics

A well- structured and carefully crafted design programme provides the right mix of concepts, practical exposure, mentorship of senior designers, professional skills development, global exposure and extraordinary campus life to transform creative individuals into independent originators who can introduce fresh concepts.

During the first year of foundation programme, students get exposure to fundamental design concepts which they utilize during their next three/four years' specialized study in any of the areas of their choice from Fashion Design, Communication Design, Product Design and Environment Design. Each of the specialization areas have multiple tracks available for in-depth study.


These programmes focus on the balance between conceptual and industry-relevant design education through the research and development of innovative and original design practices. Each year, students will be selected to showcase their designs in national and international events.

The coverage of commercial & management aspects differentiates the programmes from any other design curriculum in India; it will help the students in understanding the nuances of advertising and marketing design, brand management in design, international trade, merchandise analysis and planning, product development and management, range coordination, retail buying and management.

Bachelors Programme (4 Years) and Integrated Masters Programme (5 Years)

Fashion Design

  • Apparel Design
  • Gems & Jewellery Design
  • Leather Design

Communication Design

  • Graphics Design
  • Animation
  • Digital Film Making

Environment Design

  • Interior & Space Design

Product Design


Many graduates may start their own independent design practice, while others prefer to work as part of a design team, often for high-profile labels.

The Graduates may be employed as:

  • Designers
  • Pattern designers
  • Illustrators
  • Trend forecasters
  • Stylists
  • Fashion bloggers and journalists.
  • Fashion designers
  • Careers in product development — pattern design — grading — production management — quality assurance and control — offshore production management — specification coordination — garment technology

Global Opportunities

The programme will connect the students with the best design Institutes from around the world. Students are proposed for exchange in Paris, London, New York, Toronto, Auckland, Sydney, Hong Kong and Amsterdam.